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5 Makeup Trends to Try for Summer

 5 makeup trends for summer

Are you ready to take on summer? Whether your season is filled with lake days, exotic vacations, afternoons at home with kids, summer classes or just a whole lot of stops at the ice cream shop, you need to be looking your best.

Summer is the season of fun and flirty styles, bold colors and being outside. So how can you mix up your makeup routine to be bold, fun and flirty as well? Here are five summer makeup trends to try.

  1. Bright Coral Lips
    Could there be a color more summery than coral? According to, coral lips are in this season, giving you a beautiful pop of color for an otherwise neutral look. Try going with a glossy or creamy choice rather than matte and add lip liner for extra definition.
  1. Glowing Complexion

Glowy skin is in. Having a glowy complexion exudes health, youthfulness and just a more relaxed vibe all around. But, like says, you also don’t want to overdo it and look oily! Finding a perfect highlight is one way to accent just a few glowy spots (cheekbones and cupid’s bow are good places to start.) But, for an overall glowy look, use a setting powder that gives you glow rather than mattifies your whole face. This soft glow finishing powder is the perfect final touch on all of your summer looks.

  1. Barely-There Base

No-makeup makeup has been trending for awhile, but according to, it's even making an appearance on high fashion runways now! Rather than using a full-coverage foundation, opt for a lighter coverage or only use concealer on under eyes and blemishes, letting the rest of your skin breathe and show off its natural beauty. A powder foundation is a great way to accomplish a lighter coverage.

  1. Simple Eyeliner

No thick lines or cat eyes needed here — it’s all about keeping it simple. recommends trying a thin black line traced along your inner waterline, paired with minimal mascara and other makeup. The eyeliner will give your eyes a subtle pop while maintaining a natural look.


  1. Glitter and Shimmer

Does the thought of glittery eyelids take you back to middle school? Well, it’s time to take that step back in time and give it another go. According to Vogue, sparkle is in style this season. Whether you try it in a lip gloss or a glittery eyeshadow (check out all of these shimmer shades!), you’ll be on trend.


  • Jun 24, 2019
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