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6 Need to Know Makeup Tips that Will Transform Your Everyday Look

6 Need to Know Makeup Tips to transform your every day look

Makeup Tips That Will Transform Your Everyday Look

Makeup is so much more than putting on a pretty face. It’s an art form that’s accessible to anyone, and an outlet of expression for our inner beauty and strength. When you apply your makeup in the morning, you get to look in the mirror and see the person you see inside.

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Everyone has their own makeup routine, which likely changes throughout the years as you learn new techniques and test out new products. So, for both beginners and seasoned personal makeup artists, here are six helpful tips to make your everyday look work even better:  


Always start with a clean, moisturized, and primed face.


Clean and clear skin is the best foundation for any makeup look. Though we can’t help the occasional breakout or certain skin-aggravating conditions, the better you care for your skin, the easier it will be for you to create a flawless canvas for your artistry.

After washing your face, you’ll want to moisturize and put on an even layer of makeup primer. The primer layer will not only even the skin’s surface, but adds a protective layer between your natural skin and the foundation. Primer keeps your skin cleaner, hydrated, and smooth all day; don’t skip this step.


Vegan Makeup Brush Set


The right brush for the right products.

Using the right brushes for certain applications will make it much easier for you to define your look. The biggest mistake most people make is not using an angled brush for contouring and blush applications. The angled edge of this brush makes it easier for you to sculpt your cheekbones, and makes for a much more defined blush application.

Also make sure you’re distinguishing between your eyeshadow application brush and the blending brush. The blender will have a much softer edge, while the applicator will be smaller and sharper to give you maximum control over your color. Many eyeshadow brush kits also come with a sharp angled brush, which is best used for eyebrows and lower lid eyeshadows.


Know where to contour.


Contouring didn’t become popular until this most recent decade, with celebrities flaunting their sunkissed, chiseled cheekbones. You too can have the Hollywood look, but make sure you know where to put the dark shades before you go all in. Before you start your makeup routine, touch your cheeks and feel where the bone protrudes. Just underneath that is where you want to add your bronzer.

Start with a sharp line extending down the cheek but not reaching the apples, and blend upward into the hairline and around the temples. Your blush goes on top of that, gently blended to accent without straying too far from your natural skin tone. You may also want to add definition to the jawline with a bit of bronzer.


Vegan concealer sticks for all skin tones and types


Using concealer to your best advantage.


Concealer is your best friend when breakouts or dark under-eye circles rear their ugly heads. But, it’s not the only use for this magic skin perfecter. Concealer of a slightly lighter shade than your skin can be a great highlighter for the eyes and nose. It will brighten those areas to bring attention to them without adding a separate highlighting powder. Concealer is also a great way to define eyeshadow and eyebrows without wiping away excess with your fingers. A little under the eye can define a smokey eye or brighten the brow bone for a perfected look.


Eyeliner hacks to skip the wing.


Eyeliner is arguably one of the most difficult makeup techniques to master. Liquid and gel eyeliners are often unforgiving, and because they’re usually the last step before your eyelashes, messing up can mean a complete redo. If you want an easier, yet still flattering eyeliner shape than the infamous wing, try these three tips:


  • Try a simple cat eye - Draw a thin line on the top of your eyelid, and flick out at the end
  • Use a pencil instead; they’re easy to blend into dark shadows and add subtle definition
  • Go for the natural look and simply line the upper eye, paired with light nude eyeshadows



The two BIGGEST rules of makeup artistry.


There are only two things you need for perfect makeup every time: confidence and self care. Makeup is intended to make you feel more confident and attractive in your own skin. It’s also one of the best daily acts of self-care you can do for yourself. And when you choose natural, vegan, and earth-friendly products like Raw Beauty, you’re treating your skin right too. We hope you enjoyed these makeup tips.

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