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Beat the Heat: How to Make Sure Your Makeup Stays Put

Beat the Heat: How to Make Sure Your Makeup Stays Put

Beat the Heat: How to Make Sure Your Makeup Stays Put

With summer months upon us, we’re spending more time outside in the sun. While it’s great to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D and embrace the beautiful weather, summer can also prove to be a challenging season for makeup.

With the heat comes sweat and oil, meaning you may have to add a few extra products to your regimen to make sure your makeup isn’t melting off a few hours after you put it on. Or, it may mean swapping out some heavier products for lighter weight alternatives that will stay in place.

No matter what swaps and additions you make, remember to always use an SPF when you’re out in the sun! Here are five ways to beat the heat with your makeup this summer.

  1. Switch to a Powder Foundation

If you usually use a liquid foundation, summer is the perfect time to change it up! A powder foundation can absorb oil and sweat better than liquid and gives you lightweight coverage. Since many people are tanner in the summer, blemishes are often less visible already, so a lighter coverage option is great for the season.

  1. Try Waterproof Mascara

If your mascara tends to flake or come off, a waterproof option can help it stay put. Plus, it’s perfect if you’re taking a swim or heading to the lake! Make sure to also have eye makeup remover on hand since this product likely won’t come off with just your typical face wash.

  1. Use Primer

If you want to stick to a liquid or creme foundation, a primer can help your makeup “stick” better than on bare skin. A moisturizing primer will leave your face hydrated and prepared for the application of your makeup, helping it to stay put all day long.

  1. Invest in Finishing Powder

A finishing powder helps keep everything in place. Often called setting powder, that’s exactly what they do: set and hold your makeup. Finishing powder is translucent, meaning it doesn’t add any color to your face, it just gives you a matte or glowy finish depending on the option you choose! Finishing powder helps to minimize lines, absorb oil and soften your complexion.

  1. Spritz on Setting Spray

If it’s going to be a particularly long day or your heading to a special event (maybe an outdoor summer wedding), setting spray is your best friend. After completing your entire makeup look, close your eyes, relax your face (don’t tense up or it’ll make creases/lines in your makeup) and give your face a couple spritzes of setting spray. This will hold everything in place and give you long-wear makeup to last all night long.

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