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Best Way to Apply Mineral Eyeshadow

Mineral eyeshadow is one of Raw Beauty’s most popular products, and for good reason! Mineral eyeshadow is not common in department stores, and unlike other powders, is an eco-conscious choice for makeup lovers. Mineral makeup is natural, and therefore does not expose your skin to harsh chemicals or preservatives. It’s not only a healthier product, but a beautiful one too.


Mineral eyeshadow comes in a jar, not a palette. It is similar to loose foundation powders in consistency, and can be tricky to apply for those who are used to a pressed powder. However, the application techniques for mineral powder are not difficult. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be so glad you made the switch to a natural, earth-based makeup product.


Pale Tan Loose Mineral EyeShadow Pigment


Before starting your eye makeup, you should always prime your eyes. Using an eye primer, whether a regular primer or concealer, will give your shadow something to adhere. This makes it easier to apply and more likely to last throughout the day. Because mineral eyeshadows are loose powders, they especially need a primer so they stay in place.

Makeup Primer Vegan & Natural Mineral Eyeshadow Base


Once you’ve primed your eyes, dust the powder on a flat side of the brush for the lid, or on the edge for the crease and brow bone. Tap lightly on the edge of the jar to remove excess. Then, gently pat the eye shadow on the desired area and blend upwards with each layer. If you use sweeping brush strokes like you would a pressed powder, the mineral powder will likely go all over your eye. Start with the brow bone highlight and work towards the inner eye, patting the powder in place and blending with a delicate touch.


Tips to make your application smoother:


  1. Always use a matte for your crease. This is a general rule for makeup, but because mineral powders tend to be harder to correct and blend for beginners, it’s especially important with this application technique. Shimmering shades look great for the inner lid and occasionally the brow bone and outer corner, but will not add the definition to the crease that it needs.
  2. Don’t blend too much. Because mineral eyeshadow often applies much lighter than pressed powder, a little blending goes a long way. Using a firm stroke will blend the shadow all over the eye, and you’ll lose the definition that eyeshadow can bring to your eye. Use light circular strokes with barely any pressure for a flawless finish.
  3. Don’t forget shadow under the lash line. Many people don’t use eyeshadow to its fullest extent. If you have a dark shadow shade in the crease, extend it to the lower lash line reaching to the middle of the eye. You can also blend your light, inner corner shade out and around the eye to hide dark circles. Smudge some eyeliner in the outer lower lash line for a defined look.

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  • Nov 05, 2018
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