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How to Extend Your Life the Natural Way

How to Extend Your Life the Natural Way

While we are still on the endless pursuit for the fountain of youth to look and feel young forever, there are natural ways to enhance our longevity. Whether using vegan makeup or eating spicy food, extending your life is actually easier than you think.

Here are some ways to live more the natural way:

eat healthy for great skin

1) Healthy eating. Choosing the right diet is one of the easiest ways to live a longer life. For one, the Mediterranean diet is linked to contribute to longevity, since it is jam-packed with anti-inflammatory foods. Foods such as fruits, nuts, red wine, good quality dairy, vegetables, and healthy fats such as olive oil are the main players of the Mediterranean diet.

This diet is chiefly plant-based. However, when seafood and meat are consumed, it’s highly suggested that they’ll be eaten in moderation and at the highest quality possible—grass-fed and organic selections for the Mediterranean diet to be effective.

natural and vegan cosmetics and skincare product line raw beauty minerals

2) Vegan makeup for ladies. The secret to anti-aging is all-natural makeup ingredients are not their fancy chemicals. These are vitamins and moisture—and you need that as you grow older. This reduces the appearance of dryness with natural cosmetics as most products consist mostly of water. Not to mention that plant-based ingredients are easily absorbed on your skin.


3) Take time for a Nature Trip. Talking a leisurely stroll in green spaces could in fact help you live a longer life. Study shows that women living in areas with ample exposure to neighboring green space lessened their risk of mortality by 12% ( aside from longevity, researchers discovered that spending time in nature also heightened physical activity and social engagement, while reducing stress.


4) Try intermittent fasting. Aside from being an effective way for weight reduction, fasting also helps in dropping bad cholesterol levels. Nevertheless, scientists believe it is also another way to extend lives. The logic behind this is that when your body is not busy with functions such as removing toxins and food digestion, it goes into a fasting phase, it “switches off” and then allows the cells for self-restoration and recreate stem cells.


Researchers showed that periodical fasting (they suggested decreasing calorie counts 5 days once a month) created an impact which lasted for 6 months after fasting. They found out that biomarkers for aging and serious ailments such as cancer and diabetes minimized after fasting (


5) Spice up your life. It turned out that eating some types of peppers affects your risk of death, ( by 13% ( Even though research scientists are still yet to pinpoint exactly what it is about those hot peppers that contribute to longevity, so far all signs direct to its active ingredient, which is the capsaicin. It acts as an antimicrobial, thus, the capsaicin in peppers is possibly combating bacteria and help us to stay healthy.


So not only you get to enjoy more appetizing meals with spicy food, but you also got to add some years to your life.

See how simple these ways are? You can do these easy and natural tricks to enhance your chances to live longer. Your health is worth it.

  • Jun 29, 2019
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