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Luscious Lips: Use Makeup to Plump Your Pout

 Luscious Lips: Use Makeup to Plump Your Pout

While some of us are blessed with full lips, others would love to plump up their pout. Many people jump to lip fillers to achieve this look, but this semi-permanent (and expensive) solution isn’t the best for your health. 

According to WebMD, lip augmentation can have a variety of risks and negative side effects, including allergic reactions, swelling, unsymmetrical results, bruising and more. And while many people choose this route and have success with it, it may not be the best option for you.

But don’t worry — there are several other ways to get fuller looking lips without a pricey trip to a cosmetic surgeon’s office. So it’s time to look no further than your makeup bag with these easy ways to plump up your lips.

Lip Liner
If lip liner isn’t a regular part of your makeup routine, you’re missing out. There’s a fine line between overlining just enough and looking like you drew your lips on, so this may take a little practice. Choose a shade of lip liner that is as close to your lipstick or lip gloss color as possible. Line a little outside your natural lip line to give your lips a fuller look — a quick and easy full lip solution!

Highlight Your Cupid’s Bow
Another easy way to accent your lips and make them appear fuller is to use highlighter on your Cupid’s bow. (This is the “indented” area above your lip if you’re confused.) This shimmer stick is an easy way to get a little bit of glow right where you need it. Just make sure to blend it in with your finger so that you don’t have a shiny stripe!

Nope — contouring isn’t just for your cheekbones! By contouring your lips, you can work the same magic there, creating a look of depth and fullness.  According to Huda Beauty, the key to contouring your lips is the shape you apply each product. Use your darker (contour) shade in a line down the middle and around the edges of your lip - this could be your liner. Then, use your lighter (highlight) shade in the four quadrants you’ve created with that darker shade. Make sure to blend! And for added definition and pop, use a concealer around your lips before you begin applying any lip products.

Exfoliate and Moisturize
It’s important to take good care of your lips the same way you take good care of your skin. Using a gentle sugar scrub on your lips once a week is a great way to remove dead skin and keep them soft. At night and on those days when you’re not applying other lip products, make sure to use a moisturizing balm, like this unscented vegan option. By taking good care of your lips, you create a great canvas to work with, making it easy to apply products that look great and plump up your pout.

  • Sep 09, 2020
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