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Raw Beauty - The Benefits of Natural Makeup

Raw Beauty - The Benefits of Natural Makeup

You may not know this, but you’ve got a lot hanging on that crusty tube of mascara. All your eye makeup - your eyeliner, your eyeshadow, your mascara, and everything else - is applied to one of the most vulnerable areas of your body. It goes through a lot throughout the day as well, so it’s incredibly important that you take extra measures to ensure that your eyes are safe.


The fact of the matter is if you’re using those standard manufactured, synthetic cosmetics, you will probably never really know all the substances you’re putting on your face. Sure, you could read the ingredient list, but do you really know what octinoxate and butylated compounds are?


A growing number of people worldwide are choosing to go natural so that they know exactly what they’re putting near their eyes. Want to know why you should join them? Let’s take a look.


1 - There aren’t any bad chemicals

Chemicals are everywhere. They’re in the chair you’re sitting on. They’re in the food you eat. They’re even in the air you breathe! However, those aren’t the chemicals that we’re going to be focusing on today.

When we say bad chemicals, we’re referring to those dangerous compounds that can be harmful to your body. Take parabens, for instance. Parabens are preservatives found in the vast majority of mass-manufactured cosmetics. They’re widely used, but they’re definitely something you don’t want anywhere near your skin. Studies have shown that they are endocrine disruptors that disturb your hormones. Experts also suspect that they are carcinogens. Go ahead and take a look at the cosmetics in your makeup bag right now. How many of your products have parabens?

 raw beauty minerals is committed to using clean ingredients

There are so many other toxic substances that are put into the cosmetics that you lovingly apply to your face every morning. Want to keep them away from your skin? Go natural.


2 - You know exactly what your products are composed of

To be honest, not all natural products are good for you. However, you’ll be much more likely to be able to tell a good product from a bad one. Even those long complicated words on your natural makeup label are still natural ingredients. Most of the time, it will be a plant or a natural extract.

You don’t want to be putting things on your skin that you have no idea where it came from. There’s a kind of freedom that comes with knowing just what goes into your eyeshadow.

3 - Whipping up some makeup at home has never been so easy

Run out of eyeliner? Why not just whip some up with some activated charcoal and aloe vera?

Natural makeup manufacturers are often stereotyped as unconventional free spirits smearing all sorts of things on their faces. However, this isn’t the case. There are tons of natural makeup brands that produce their cosmetics in an extremely professional way with packaging that looks at home beside those famous conventional brands. That being said, you’ll often find that the formulas for these products are so incredibly simple that you could whip up a bunch of makeup products with things in your kitchen in a single afternoon!

 Natural and vegan cosmetic brand you can trust raw beauty minerals

Besides making makeup being a fun activity, you know exactly what will be going into your cosmetics. That way, you’ll be completely at ease applying it to your face and skin.


4 - Who said you can’t look amazing?

One of the first questions people ask natural makeup enthusiasts is whether or not their products actually work. The answer is a resounding YES! Natural makeup has come a long way. You may be surprised to find out that there’s actually quite a market out there for natural makeup, and companies have definitely delivered.

Before and After using Raw Beauty Minerals natural and vegan makeup brand

There are so many benefits to natural makeup. Not only will you be avoiding chemicals and actually nourishing your skin for once, but you’ll make all sorts of friends who are down to mix yogurt, lime, and honey together to make raw face masks at any time of the day. You won’t have to deal with the itchy skin, clumping makeup, and irritated eyes that you may get with conventional makeup products. Feel like reapplying your eyeliner? Go ahead! No harm when it’s made of all-natural ingredients.

 save your beautiful skin by ditching the toxic makeup and go natural with raw beauty minerals

You can’t stay completely safe with natural makeup. You can’t even stay completely safe wearing no makeup at all. However, you are significantly reducing the dangers of conventional makeup by choosing to go natural. Why put your body at risk when you could be living chemical-free? Protect your eyes and your skin by tossing those paraben-laden products in the trash!

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