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Naturally Flawless Skin With Makeup in Six Steps

Naturally Flawless Skin is easy to achieve with these simple steps.

There’s no argument that natural skincare and makeup products are better for you. They don’t expose you to harsh chemicals or dyes, and will generally keep your complexion more vibrant both now and in the future. But even with this knowledge, many makeup lovers still choose synthetic cosmetics. Some do so because they believe natural makeup will be more expensive (trust us, it’s not), but the majority don’t use it because they don’t believe there can be full coverage, natural makeup.

Naturally Flawless Skin with Vegan & Natural Cosmetics from raw beauty minerals

A full coverage, flawless look is 100% achievable with natural and mineral-based makeup. All you need to do is follow these six steps, and you’ll never use another synthetic full coverage foundation again. Here’s what to do:

Give your skin everyday TLC. The very first step to flawless skin is proper skin care, no matter what products you use. Clean and healthy skin will make makeup applications easier, and will help you to feel more confident with or without your beauty routine.


  • Always wash off makeup before going to bed, and follow with a daily cleanser and moisturizer.
  • Moisturize your lips with chapstick everyday.
  • While you don’t need to go through an entire facial everyday, treating your skin to exfoliation and hydrating treatments will give your skin a much more healthy complexion.
  • And finally, give your skin a makeup break every once in a while. Not only do your pores need the breather, a makeup-free day will give you self confidence to feel just as good in your own skin.



Prime before you primp. Using a makeup primer goes hand in hand with good skin care. Not only does primer even out your skin’s surface, it will protect your pores from getting clogged by your makeup. Apply a layer to the T-zone and blend out with your fingers, making sure to cover the entire face. Allow your primer to dry fully before beginning your makeup application.


Go light on liquid foundation. A light foundation base is always better. The purpose of liquid foundation is to even out the skin tone to hide redness, but it doesn’t have to cover everything. You want to enhance your natural skin, not hide it. Put one pump on the back of your hand and apply with a brush or beauty blender. Then you should be good to go for the next step.



Conceal what’s left behind. Concealer always goes after foundation because you don’t know what you need to cover until after you have your base layer. Using a light shade will brighten your face, especially dull areas like under the eyes. Apply your concealer under the eyes in a downwards-pointing triangle shape, on the nose, and over any blemishes. Then blend with your fingers by lightly tapping it into the foundation. If using a heavy concealer, a small brush can be useful to make sure its blended naturally.


Vegan Cream Concealer Stick for flawless looking skin


Subtly highlight your features with color.  Now that your base makeup is done, you’ll want to apply some shading to add depth and dimension to your features. Contouring can seem intimidating at first, but it’s not as hard as it seems. First, lightly brush some bronzer under your cheekbones, then from the temples to the sides of the forehead. Next, you’ll use an angled brush to darken that color just under the cheekbones. Blend upward until the contour line, bronzer, and foundation shade get the “ombre” effect.



Then add blush on top of the contour where your cheekbone is most prominent and blend upward. If you want to add some shine, add a highlighter (a very light eyeshadow will work) just above the blush, and to your chin, cupid’s bow, and nose ridge. After this step you’re ready for the final touches.



Finish with a powder. To seal the deal, simply add a light layer of finishing powder with a large, fluffy brush to your entire face. This will gently blend everything together and smooth out any imperfections.



With these six steps you can create a flawless makeup look that doesn’t require full coverage makeup. With proper skin care, you can use a light base of makeup, and simply address the areas that need color most. Then, with a little bronzer and blush, you face has full dimension and chiseled features without looking unnatural or “painted.”


Raw Beauty Minerals Before and After picture with model callie


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Article Written By: Royce Gomez

  • Nov 08, 2018
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