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What You Need to Know About Vegan Makeup Brushes

Over the past several years, veganism has sparked a new trend of animal-friendly beauty products; from vegan makeup brushes, vegan cruelty-free makeup or just about vegan makeups in general.

And speaking of vegan makeup brushes, what are they and what makes them of superior quality?

First of all, many makeup brushes are made of animals’ fur or hair. Usually, these farm animals are trapped and slaughtered for their natural bristles.

Meanwhile, vegan makeup brushes are synthetic, and made from Nylon or Taklon. Powder or blush brushes are largely made from Taklon which is sourced from polyester and then narrowed to a very fine point to achieve a softer texture, while foundation and concealer brushes are mostly created from Nylon since it is stronger.

vegan makeup brushes animal cruelty free makeup brushes


The Advantages of Using Vegan Makeup Brushes

* They’re gentler for sensitive skin and won’t give you allergies. Since there are no animal by-products existing in synthetic materials, vegan makeup brushes are hypoallergenic. You won’t be prone to allergies and will not irritate your skin.

 * They are tougher and more durable. The strands which synthetic brushes are made of are stronger as compared to animal hair, that’s why they are less likely to be damaged. Therefore, they last longer than brushes from animal fur or hair.

 * They are not cruel to animals. No animals were harmed during the creation of the products.

 * Cleaning is easier. Another advantage is that these brushes are easier to clean especially for makeup artists who work between clients. Because of the even surface in synthetic bristles, the makeup residues washes away easily when you cleanse them. On the other hand, because of the animal hair’s uneven surface, it may trap other particles and accumulate bacteria.

kabuki vegan makeup brush

So how do you care for your vegan makeup brushes?

It’s easy to take care of your vegan makeup brushes. Simply use an oil-free cleanser so that you don’t have to deal with residues on your brushes later on.

 Article Written By: Febrina Tanghal

  • Nov 25, 2018
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