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Why You Should Choose Natural Mineral Makeup

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There are many advantages to using natural mineral makeup as opposed to traditional makeup. Aside from its obvious benefits on the skin, the biggest reward is its absence of filters like chemical dyes, talc and most of all, chemical preservatives.

Benefits of Natural Mineral Makeup

While it’s true that traditional makeup gives coverage, it could also inhibit the skin from breathing, or aggravate existing blemishes and dryness--making you feel as if you need to wear more. On the other hand, natural mineral makeup can definitely provide just the same or even better coverage. Most buyers claim that the result of using natural mineral powder is a lighter skin, with flawless finish—feels like a second skin.

Taking into consideration some climate impact like rain, heat, or even some of a few tears along the way, traditional makeup can either melt or rub off against our skin. Meanwhile, mineral makeup is exceedingly resistant to these unforeseen conditions we may experience in our lives.

Another benefit is that it’s not susceptible to bacterial growth due to how it’s made, so there’s no similar risk of being contaminated, not to mention that mineral makeup has a longer shelf life as compared to traditional makeup.

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Do you have to apply mineral makeup differently than traditional makeup?

Yes. Mineral makeup is extremely different than non-mineral based makeup that’s why you need to apply it in a different way. Bear in mind that you need to wait for your moisturizer to be fully absorbed into your skin. When applying mineral powder, take note that a tiny amount goes a long way. The trick is to take a small amount of mineral and then apply in really sheer layers till you reach your preferred coverage.


Have these beauty tools ready to get started:

* Mineral foundation

* Moisturizer well-matched for your skin type. This prepares your skin to feel like a hydrated canvas ready to be painted.

* Brush

* Hydrating spritz (optional)

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How to prepare your skin

It’s highly recommended to prep your skin because your makeup would look as good as your skin underneath.

1) Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply moisturizer and allow it to absorb completely. Unlike liquid foundation wherein moisturizers could be mixed with foundation, it’s important to take note that there should not be any traces of moisturizer left on your skin as the mineral would cluster, resulting in patchy texture.

 2) Apply concealer first if you need that to hide blemishes.

 3) Take the brush and swirl into the mineral makeup foundation powder and tap off any excess.

 4) Now, you can evenly blend all throughout your face. Start from the middle and then blend outward until you reach your jawline, using small and sweeping strokes just like using your foundation brush.

When using mineral makeup, always remember to start with a small amount and then gradually increase your coverage by adding extra layers. If you have extra dry skin, spritzing a mist of hydrating water works wonders. This enables your skin to stay hydrated all day—your skin will thank you for it!

Article By: Febrina Tanghal

  • Mar 31, 2019
  • Category: News
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