White Eyeshadow | Snowflake Shimmer | Highlight Makeup

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All Natural and Vegan Mineral Makeup in Snow White Shimmer Loose Sparkle Powder

Use as eye shadow, highlighter, blush enhancer or just about anywhere you want a little sparkle added. Add it to lotion or toss a bit in your hair. It's magical fairy dust.

The looks you can create with our Eye Candy mineral eye shadows are endless! Vegan eye shadows are available in many beautiful shimmery colors.

Be prepared to sparkle with this fantastic addition. 

All free from carmine, dyes and other synthetic coloring. 

Made with: Titanium Dioxide and Mica. 

Always made in the USA.

Size Options:

~Sample Pod - approximately 0.50 gram of powder

~5-gram Jar - approximately 1 gram of powder

~10-gram Jar - approximately 2 grams of powder

~20-gram Jar - approximately 4 grams of powder

~30-gram Jar - approximately 7.5 grams of powder

~Pressed Compact - approximately 0.70 net gram of powder

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