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3 Professional Facials + At-Home Treatments to Try 

 3 facials to try at home woman relaxing with a facial by the fire

Skincare is not only important for your health and wellness, it’s also a great form of self care and a day at the spa can truly feel like a luxury.

Spa-quality products are full of incredible ingredients and can have a wide variety of effects on your skin — from deep moisturization to exfoliation. Licensed aestheticians also use tools that you may not have access to at home, and can analyze your skin to give it exactly what it needs. 

If you’re considering a professional facial, here are several common options that you can choose from depending on your skin’s needs. And, don’t fret – if a spa day isn’t in your budget, there are at-home products and tools that you can use for similar results. Here are some options to consider depending on your skin type and skin concerns.

  1. Microdermabrasion Facial

A microdermabrasion facial is a fancy way of saying “exfoliating.” The goal is to smooth your skin and remove dead skin cells and build up, leaving you with a soft and glowing complexion! According to Allure, “a pressurized jet scours the skin with micronized crystals (usually aluminum oxide) and then vacuums the dead cells away.” Not really something you can do yourself at home!

However, there are definitely great ways to exfoliate at home! You can purchase a microdermabrasion tool that buffs your skin, but make sure not to overuse it. Your skin is delicate and it will harm it to continuously scrape and buff it away. There are also various microdermabrasion creams and scrubs that help smooth your skin at home.

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  1. Hydrating Facial

If your skin is dry and dull, a hydrating facial could be your answer! Deep, moisturizing hydration helps to bring your skin back to life, making it more supple, giving it a glow and helping it to hold makeup products better. These types of facials can vary from spa to spa, but according to Allure, they often include “humectant-rich products and masks designed to soften and plump skin.”

Professional facial not in the budget? Try investing in a high quality face oil or serum. In addition to a daily moisturizer, an oil can penetrate your skin and deliver long-lasting hydration.

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  1. Acne Facial

If you struggle with oily skin, clogged pores, acne, or all of the above, an acne facial can be a great solution. These types of facials are tailored to your skin’s needs. According to VeryWell Health, a typical acne facial includes deep cleansing, a facial steam, exfoliation (ranging from a peel to a scrub), blemish extractions, a mask, toner and moisturizer. It’s a lot packed into one little session!

If you want to try something a little less complex, charcoal-based at-home masks are a great starting point. This activated clay and charcoal mask pulls out toxins that are deep in the pores, cleansing your skin and helping tame acne.

Whether you go for a spa day or an at home treatment, your skin will be thanking you for the extra love and attention!

  • Sep 25, 2019
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