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4 Fun Ideas for Holiday Makeup

 4 Fun Ideas for Holiday Makeup

The holiday season is a perfect excuse to get creative when it comes to beauty, style and makeup. With parties, festive gatherings, family photos and more, this time of year means being around lots of people and having your memories documented with lots of pictures.

And while your everyday makeup is always an easy go-to, sometimes it’s fun to mix things up. It’s time to dive into new looks in fun and creative ways; don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd! So are you ready to get a little more bold this season?

Here are four fun ideas for holiday makeup.

shimmery blue eye shadow raw beauty minerals

  1. Glitter Eyeshadow

Nothing says holidays like some glitz and glam. Take your everyday look to the next level with the addition of some super sparkly eyeshadow. The glitzier, the better. Go beyond a slight shimmer and aim for serious sparkle. The monochromatic trend this season plays perfectly into this style. Go for a bright holiday color or a beautiful neutral and coat your lids with a single shade.

  1. Dark Lips

Take your typical lip color and turn it down a notch. Whether you usually go for a red, pink or purple shade, you can darken it up for a bold and dramatic effect. If you tend to pick red, try a deep maroon shade instead. If pink is your go-to color, try magenta instead. And if you tend towards a purple shade, go for a deep, dark plum color this holiday season.

girl wearing colored eyeliner and bright red lip gloss raw beauty minerals

  1. Colored Eyeliner

Your cat eye just got a whole lot more festive. A cat eye is already a bold take on eyeliner, but using a deep green, royal blue or mahogany brown will draw even more attention to your beautiful eyes. Choose an eyeliner color that complements your eye color. This tool from Canva, a graphic design software, can help you find the perfect complementary color no matter what shade your eyes are.

  1. Contoured Collarbone 

Holiday parties can mean you’re wearing dresses and fun outfits with different necklines and fun jewelry. Drawing attention to your decolletage means that it deserves a little love in the makeup department, too. To contour your collarbone, start with a dark (contour) shade above and below your collarbone. Then use a light (highlight) shade on the collarbone itself. Make sure to set the contour with a setting powder or setting spray so that you aren’t smudging makeup on your shirt or dress.

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