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4 Makeup Trends to Try for Spring

spring makeup trends orange blush

Part of the fun of makeup is that it’s an art! And you get to be the artist each morning as you get your face ready for the day.

If you’re wanting to mix up your makeup routine, seasonal trends are a great, easy way to start. Whether you want a more dramatic look, fun new ways to incorporate color or a unique look for a fun event, using one or two of these trends.

Trends often come from how celebrities are styling their makeup, from New York Fashion Week and from makeup brands releasing fun, new products. You can even tweak the trends to fit your style and taste. Have fun with it! And make sure to tag @RawBeautyMinerals on Instagram when you share your fabulous, trendy selfies.

Without further ado, here are four fun makeup trends to try for spring.
  • Dusty Pastels

Is it really spring without pastels? According to Allure Beauty, pastel eyeshadows are back this season. Make sure to blend your colors well and choose shades that compliment your eye color. Bold, black lashes can contrast against your dusty eyeshadow, making your eyes really pop. Need some color inspiration? Try one of these loose powder shadows in Raspberry, Sweet Tea or Sea Mist. And don’t forget primer to keep them in place!

  • Monochromatic Makeup

Simplify your look by tying a single color throughout. It’s almost like giving your makeup a theme. According to Marie Claire, peach is a great color to try this with. Use a peach lipstick, a peachy blush and a peach eyeshadow. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal so to not go overboard with color.

orange makeup

  • Orange Blush
Orange blush is like a cross between blush and bronzer. Don’t be afraid to try this simple trend! According to Refinery29, the key to making sure your orange blush doesn’t look like streaky self tanner is blending! With the right shade for your skin tone it can warm up your cheeks and give you a nice glow.
  • Drawn-On Dolly Lashes
This might require a big leap outside your comfort zone, but it’s sure to make an impact. According to Elle, drawn-on lashes are a definite look for spring. After heavily coating your lashes with mascara (and even adding fake lashes if you’d like), draw “eyelash extensions”onto your eyelids using eyeliner. Use short, bold strokes for the doll-like effect.

    So which trend will you try? Whatever suits your fancy, you’ll be rocking a fabulous fresh look this spring.

    Article Written By: Alexis Crowe

    • Apr 15, 2019
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