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Makeup Primer: 4 Reasons Why it is Important

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Four reasons why makeup primer is important but yet most skip the vital step.

Imagine you’re going to repaint a wall of your house. You take down any decorations, remove the nails that held up picture frames and tape off the corners and baseboards.

Then it’s time to paint, right? Hold up! You need to fill in the nail holes with spackle, sand down any rough patches and paint a coat of primer before you break out the new color.

Your makeup works the same way. If you woke up in the morning and immediately put your foundation on, it likely wouldn’t last throughout the day. It’s important to wash, exfoliate and prime if you want your makeup to look its best.

When you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to skip a step or two, but here are four reasons why using a product like this vegan mineral makeup primer is important.

  1. Primer creates a smooth base for your foundation.

Primer fills in your pores, smoothes out textured skin and creates a base for the rest of your makeup. Without it, your foundation will appear textured rather than porcelain smooth. Primer can give your skin more of an airbrushed look than putting foundation onto un-primed skin.

  1. Primer helps your makeup stay in place.

If you just want to use mineral foundation powders and skip the cream or liquid foundations, the primer gives the mineral powders something to attach to so that your makeup looks as good at 10 p.m. as it did when you put it on 15 hours earlier.

  1. Eye primer helps stop creasing.

With eye primer, you don’t have to worry about the dreaded eyeshadow crease anymore. Eye primer holds powder or cream eyeshadow in place, preventing the line of missing color. It can also strengthen the pigmentation of your eyeshadow, requiring less product since it doesn’t fall off of your lid as you apply it.

makeup primer and why it's important asian lady enjoying radiating skin

  1. Primer acts a barrier for your skin.

According to Bustle, primer can help your pores from becoming clogged — especially if you tend to wear foundation on a daily basis. For individuals who struggle with breakouts or oily skin, primer can lessen those issues by creating a barrier between a liquid foundation and your porous skin.

By using a non-toxic, natural primer, your skin will be healthier, your makeup will stay on better and your foundation will appear smoother. And applying this vegan makeup primer is as easy as rubbing it in like a moisturizer — no brushes or fancy tools needed.


Article written by: Alexis Crowe

  • Mar 24, 2019
  • Category: News
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