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4 Ways to Use Concealer

 4 Ways to Use Concealer by raw beauty minerals

Concealer is a little bit like the magic wand of makeup. It can brighten, highlight, cover and more. 

However, many women don’t know the full potential of concealer, since it’s often not included in a beginning makeup regimen. And while it’s not required for a complete makeup look, concealer can polish your makeup and make it look more finished and professional.

Before we dive into some of the different ways to use concealer, it’s important you have the right shade. Your concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your foundation, according to Beauty Shortcut Tips. By using a lighter shade, you brighten up dark areas that need a little extra attention. 

raw beauty minerals fix it stix natural and vegan concealer cream foundation stick

A versatile creme stick foundation allows for easy and targeted application. Remember, you won’t be using this to cover your entire face, so a stick will probably last you longer than you would think. Ready to start concealing? Here are four ways to use concealer.

  1. Under Eye Circles

The number one way to use concealer is to brighten your under eye area and eliminate the dark circles that most women struggle with. It’s important to blend your concealer into your foundation with either a brush or makeup sponge. Remember that the skin under your eyes is more thin and delicate than the rest of your face, so apply and blend the product gently.

woman applying natural makeup concealer under eyes raw beauty minerals

  1. Eyeshadow Base

Do you ever struggle with creases in your eyeshadow or eyeshadow fallout? Concealer can save the day! Prime your eyelid with an even layer of concealer before applying eyeshadow and it will help the powder stay put. Finishing it off with a spritz of finishing spray will give you even more extra hold to keep the creasing away. 

  1. Mascara Primer

It may sound a little crazy, but it works. Rather than having to apply coat after coat after coat of mascara to achieve full lashes, brush concealer over your lashes to thicken them up before the mascara goes on. According to Buzzfeed, “the results are amazing.” We’re in! 

highlight and contour with raw beauty minerals creme foundation sticks

  1. Highlighting
Since your concealer is lighter than your foundation shade, it’s the perfect product to use when contouring and highlighting your makeup. Use your concealer  thoughtfully in areas on your face that you want to pop, such as your cupid’s bow, under your eyebrows and at the tops of your cheeks. Just remember that it’s always important to blend! You never want to look striped or blotchy.
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