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5 Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

 5 Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List white gift box gold bow

’Tis the season to give gifts, fa la la la la, la la la la! 

But sometimes, gift giving can be the hardest part of the holiday season. It’s overwhelming to think about all of the friends, family members and coworkers who you want to surprise with a Christmas treat.

A good rule of thumb is that everyone could use a little pampering. A gift is the perfect time to spoil someone with an item they might not typically buy on their own. Something they want, but it’s a splurge. Take that little splurge for them, and your gifts will be five-star successes.

Here are five types of people and ideas to get you started, no matter who’s on your list this holiday season.

  1. For a Teacher

Teaching is an exhausting job. But one of the perks is a nice long holiday break away from the classroom! Teachers can use that time to relax and invest in some quality self-care time. Here’s where your gift comes in: a salt or sugar scrub is a perfect option. Some are great for gentle use on your face while others are intended as a full body scrub, perfect for using in a relaxing bubble bath. Choose between this rose sugar scrub or this orange clove salt scrub (or both!)

rose lover gift set sugar scrub and rose scented soy candle

  1. For a Tween

Getting to start using makeup is exciting for many young girls. The choices, the colors, the art of it all — it makes them feel grownup! But when they’re still a little too young to go all out in the makeup works, you can help them enter that fun world with a lip balm set and clear mascara. Getting them started with safe, natural products is important.

raw beauty tinted lip balm vegan and natural moisturizing lip balm

  1. For a Homebody

Being a homebody is nothing to be ashamed of — especially in the cold winter months when it’s easy to just curl up and stay cozy at home. If you have a friend or two who fits that description, a delightful scented candle is a perfect gift. It will help their home feel even homier and the scents are beautifully seasonal.

fall scented soy candle phtlhate-free pumpkin scent dye-free candle

  1. For Him

Buying for guys is just plain tough. They often like to keep it simple, and they’re not likely to pamper themselves. So if you’re looking for a manly option, consider an activated charcoal scrub. This unscented product helps to detox, nourish and hydrate dry and damaged skin. It’s great for use on your entire body, meaning it’s just an extra step in the shower for guys who aren’t about to start a fully nightly skincare regimen. 

activated charcoal sugar scrub for body natural skincare by raw beauty 100 percent pure

  1. For a Tree Hugger

Let’s be real: we should all try and think about the environment as we purchase and use products. If you have a particularly environmentally conscious friend, you definitely want to keep those things in mind as you get a gift for them this season. These cotton makeup remover swipes are a great option, helping to eliminate single-use cotton balls.

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping, and start crossing names off your holiday gift list!

  • Oct 28, 2019
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