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5 Summer Makeup Trends to Try

 summer makeup trends to try

It’s summertime! Time for bright colors, light and breezy styles and new, fun trends. Which means it’s also time to hit refresh on some of your tried and true makeup looks.

Incorporating seasonal trends into your typical styles is a great way to freshen up your everyday routine. Take bits and pieces of trends that speak to you and incorporate them into your classic looks to step a little bit outside your comfort zone.

Ready to add a splash of summer to your beauty routine? Here are five summer makeup trends to try:

  1. Over-the-Top Blush
    This trend is easy as can be. According to Harper’s Bazaar, extending blush past the typical apples of the cheeks is in this season. Use a light shade like this pretty rose blush and sweep it up to your temples. Feeling extra daring? Try using the blush on your eyelids as well. Harper’s Bazaar describes this trend as “ethereal” and “ultra-romantic.” We’re in!
  2. Watercolor Lids
    While the normal protocol for eyeshadow is to blend, blend, blend, this season’s trend is to rein back on that blending. Watercolor lids bring together bright shades like lavender or sea mist blue. Using bold, contrasting shades can give more of a graphic look, according to Harper’s Bazaar. Blend the edges of each color together, but don’t over do it. Let each shade pop!
  3. Hot Pink Lips
    Anyone can feel confident in giving this trend a try! It’s as simple and straightforward as it sounds: go bold and try a hot pink lipstick. To make sure your lips are the center of attention, keep your eye shadow subdued when you try this trend.
  4. Feathered Brows
    According to Cosmopolitan, feathered brows are in for summer! Lose the pencils and powders and keep it simple with this trend. Rather than filling in and drawing your brows, all you need is brow gel. Brush your brows up for a slightly messy feathered look. It’s effortless, chic and airy — perfect for summer.
  5. Graphic Eyeliner
    Also called “floating eyeliner,” this unique look is bold and different. According to Marie Claire, you can use metallic liquid eyeliner or wet eyeshadow to create this look. Draw the liner far above your lid line, closer to your eyebrow. A thick, bold line is key to making this look intentional. Clean angles and lines make the graphic liner look work.
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