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5 Time Saving Makeup Hacks

 5 Time Saving Makeup Hacks

Do your mornings feel like they’re always a blur? Your alarm goes off, your kids are asking for help, you’re trying to pack lunches and eat breakfast all while picking out your own cute outfit and doing presentable hair and makeup.

Unless you’re a true early bird morning person, those weekday mornings can be a tough time. But there’s no reason your beauty routine should suffer.

By prioritizing, preparing and thinking creatively, you can get your makeup routine done in no time. These tips probably aren’t for when you’re wanting a full-out glam look — but they’re perfect for your Monday morning hustle.

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  • Use a Tinted Moisturizer
    Opt for a lighter coverage rather than heavy foundation with this great two-in-one product. Tinted moisturizer provides hydration for your skin while giving the appearance of a light coverage foundation. If you don’t have a tinted moisturizer, you can also mix a small dab of  liquid foundation with a pump of regular moisturizer to create your own!
  • Use Concealer as an Eyeshadow Primer
    Fewer products means less time spent looking, opening containers and applying. Concealer makes a great base for eyeshadow and you can multitask by applying it while you apply concealer under your eyes. A stick applicator makes it even quicker and easier!

tinted lip balm gift set by raw beauty minerals best lip balm

  • Don’t Worry About Lips
    For an everyday look, your lips don’t need to be bold. As long as you have chapstick in your purse, you’re good to go. Don’t worry about lining your lips, filling them perfectly or accenting your cupid’s bow — save your perfect pout for special occasions and you’ll be flying through your everyday makeup.
  • Use Bronzer as Eyeshadow
    It’s important to give your cheeks some color! Don’t forget about bronzer even when you’re in a hurry. Apply it where the sun would hit (cheekbones, nose, top of forehead) and then grab a smaller brush to give it a second purpose: eyeshadow. Don’t go too heavy on your eyes — but a little bit of a dark brown dusting on your lids will help them pop when you don’t have time for a full eyeshadow look.

girl blending makeup with a beauty sponge raw beauty minerals

  • Don’t Worry About Brushes
    Sometimes it’s OK to just use your fingers. Make sure to wash your hands well so that you’re not spreading bacteria, and then wash them again to remove any makeup residue. If you need a little blending assistance, sponges are often faster and easier than brushes. Whatever tools you choose to use, just make sure to blend! Just because you did your makeup quickly doesn’t mean you want it to look like you did it quickly.
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