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5 Winter Beauty Trends to Try

 5 Winter Beauty Trends to Try

Tweaking your beauty and makeup routines to keep up with seasonal trends is a fun and easy way to try new techniques and styles in your day to day. 

While some things remain classic, other products and colors are trendy and flow in and out of the makeup and beauty scene. Whether it’s in the way you apply a product, the shade you choose, or a plethora of other factors, it’s easy to make little changes to keep up with trends.

This winter, rethink the way you do some of the classic elements of your makeup: blush, eyeliner, your lip color. Taking a fun risk with your makeup is guaranteed to garner some compliments. Ready to get started? Here are five winter beauty trends to try this year.

  1. Blush and Eyeshadow Blend

Your rosy cheeks deserve the spotlight in the cold winter months. This fun trend takes rosy pink blush to the next level by tying it to your eyeshadow. According to, it’s about literally connecting your blush to your eyeshadow with a continuation of the color. They say to try applying blush that is then “pulled up to the temple and then blended into the eyeshadow.”

gold eye shadow pigment for all day wear gold shimmery makeup

  1. Gold Eye Makeup

Perfect for winter holidays, this seasonal trend is festive and sophisticated. It’s also a trend that is flexible in the way you apply it to your own makeup. Whether you prefer a smoky look, a pop of sparkle, or a monochromatic gold lid, the way you execute your gold eyeshadow is up to you. According to, combining gold with darker, smokier colors is a great evening look.

  1. Statement Eyelashes

Think beyond a few coats of mascara when it comes to your lashes this season. While that’s a good starting point, it’s worth getting a little funky when it comes to your eye makeup this season. Consider drawn on “lashes” on the bottom for a real “wow” factor. According to Vogue, it’s important to keep the foundation and lip very simple and natural when emphasizing your lashes to keep the focus on one element of your face. 

girl applying natural lip gloss for raw beauty minerals

  1. Dewy Lips

If you’re a lip gloss lover, you’re in luck. Lip gloss and all of it’s glossy, dewy shine is back for winter. Look for a gloss that strengthens your natural lip color and helps it to pop. According to Harper’s Bazaar, a “real skin” shade is what’s trending, so no need to reach for a hot pink or deep red.  

  1. Nix the Highlighter

Drop the highlighter. It had its moment, but it’s time to skip it for a season. According to The Zoe Report, a glowy overall look is still in, but it needs to look more natural and less like specific highlighted areas on your face. In other words, “makeup artists were interested in a glow without an obvious highlight.” So stay well moisturized and let your skin’s natural glow shine through.

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