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Before Makeup: How to Prep and Care for Your Skin

Vegan Face Care with Charcoal and Clay Mud Masks Makeup

The most important part of your beauty routine is your skincare. Without taking care of the base for all of your makeup, your products won’t sit right on you skin.

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Stick to the basics and maintain a healthy routine and your skin will be glowing in no time! Here are five ways to best care for your skin.

  1. Wash Your Face

It’s no secret that you shouldn’t go to sleep with makeup on! Washing your face unclogs your pores, removes oil and lets your skin breathe at night. Make sure to remove eye makeup as well to prevent eye infections or even a permanent buildup of product. Washing your face in the morning is also important to remove any products you may use overnight give yourself a clean, oil-free base. 

  1. Use Moisturizer

One beauty myth that needs to be broken is that if you have oily skin you don’t need moisturizer. Everyone needs moisturizer! In fact, if you are not using moisturizer, it can cause your skin to overproduce oil to compensate, according to Try this lightweight, fragrance-free, vegan moisturizer perfect for any skin type.

Natural and Vegan Facial Moisturizer for all day skin protection

  1. Exfoliate

The key to exfoliation is to use a gentle product only a couple times a week. By exfoliating, you smooth the surface of your skin and remove dead skin cells, allowing products like moisturizer or serums to better absorb. Look for a scrub specifically designed for your face, since the skin on your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body. According to, mixing a bit of brown sugar and coconut oil together is a great DIY scrub.

Activated Charcoal Face Mask for deep cleansing skin

  1. Use a Face Mask

Not only are face masks a fun way to pamper yourself, they’re also great for your skin! This activated charcoal & clay deep cleansing mud mask detoxifies your skin and deep cleanses your pores. While it can be especially helpful for someone struggling with acne or oily skin, it can help anyone’s skin stay health and vibrant.

Vegan and Natural Eye Cream for healthy skin day and night

  1. Apply Eye Cream

Don't forget to apply your face and eye cream before you head off to bed. By applying it before you go to sleep it gives your skin several hours to soak up the nutrient-rich oils. Ageless Eye Cream from Raw Beauty Minerals is a powerful formula with Hyaluronic Acid as well as high-end moisturizing oils such as Argan and Rosehip that will leave your skin repaired and nourished from the long day.


Article Written By: Alexis Crowe

  • Dec 06, 2018
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