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Fun Fall Color Trends in Clothing and Makeup

fall color trends to try purple eyeshadow from raw beauty minerals

With fall comes a bold new palette for you to play into. You don’t have to stick to the stereotypes. No more browns, oranges and yellows; instead, it’s time to be bold. 

The colors of the season can help determine both your wardrobe and your makeup. Colorful makeup can give neutral outfits a fun pop while colorful outfits can make you really stand out from the crowd. So what’s trending this season and how can you implement it in your everyday style? Here are four colors worth adding to your lineup this fall.

  1. Purple

Purple isn’t just a spring shade anymore. It’s coming in hot this season in a wide variety of shades and tones. According to Who What Wear, “practically every designer had a touch of purple in their collection” in the fall/winter runway shows. Whether you prefer plum, lavender or lilac, there’s a shade that will suit your fancy. Try purple nail polish for a subtle pop, invest in a lilac pea coat for a cozy purple statement or try lavender eyeshadow on green eyes for a beautiful contrast.

purple eyeshadow with shimmer fall trends

  1. Peach Pink

Another seemingly springy shade is making its way into autumn this year. Similar to coral, this lighter version of the color is fun, feminine and flirty. According to Glowsly, peach pink is a fall/winter variation of coral: “Whereas the coral is described as ‘living,’ this shade is resting a bit, hiding from the cold.” Implement this shade into your style with a fun dress or accent earrings. Add peach pink to your makeup lineup in your blush or lipstick.

orange eye shadow fall trends

  1. Tiger Orange

While orange is a fall classic, this shade is bright and bold. Rather than a muted orange-brown hue, this color is classic Crayola orange. Pantone describes the shade as having a “fearless energy.” You won’t fade into the background when you’re wearing tiger orange! Try incorporating it into your style by wearing a bold corduroy jacket or tying a bright hair scarf into your ponytail.

  1. Pistachio

A unique shade of muted green, pistachio is a perfect fall hue. According to Who What Wear, the runway has been full of head-to-toe pistachio looks, but don’t worry — you can take a back a notch if that’s a little too much pistachio for you. Try pistachio pants or a pistachio jumpsuit paired with a denim jacket. The shade is also a great choice for eyeshadow, especially for those with brown eyes. 

Make color work of you this season! Whether it’s in your accessories, statement pieces or makeup, fall will be a fun season for color.

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