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How to Build a Beauty Mood Board

 How to Build a Beauty Mood Board

What’s your style? Do you have a go-to look? Is there a color palette you tend to be drawn to time and time again?

Building your beauty identity can sound daunting — but it’s actually something that can be a lot of fun. A beauty mood board is a perfect way to get inspired, figure out what makeup products to shop for and try new looks.

Once you get started, it’ll be easy to build on to your mood board and create the perfect creative collage. Ready? Let’s tackle this!

  1. Choose Your Method
    Do you want to create a digital or paper mood board? Both options have their pros and cons. When you go digital (hello, Pinterest!) you have a seemingly endless treasure trove of images to choose from. However, the sheer quantity of images available online can be overwhelming for some. If you choose to make a physical board, your space is more limited and it takes more work of cutting from magazines, printing images, or doodling your own inspiration. However, it can be a great to have a physical mood board displayed in your bedroom or bathroom as you get ready each morning.
  2. Find Favorite Sources
    Whose beauty style are you drawn to? Is there a certain celebrity you wish you could emulate? A company whose advertisements always have you wanting to try their product? Focusing on several key sources for your images and inspiration can make the process of starting your mood board less overwhelming.
  3. Cut and Add
    It’s OK to remove images! Just because something once inspired you doesn’t mean it always will. Sometimes your style changes or you’re just ready for change. If you find that your taste changes with the seasons, you could even create separate beauty mood boards for each season of the year, or for “daytime” and “evening.”
  4. Act On Your Inspiration
    Once you’ve built up a board full of colors, styles, statements and gorgeous looks, it’s time to go shopping. Go through the makeup you already have and see if it lines up with your board. If your board is full of rosy blush cheeks and all of your blushes are a peachy tone, it might be time to get rid of what you have and restock. If you have an affinity for neutral smoky eyes but your current eyeshadow palettes are leftover from when you used to love bright colors, it’s OK to trash those and try a new slew of colors.

How to Build a Beauty Mood Board

A beauty mood board is a fun way to figure out your favorite trends — and don’t be afraid to change it with the season and as you age. Makeup is a creative art and no artist maintains the same style forever.

  • Apr 06, 2020
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