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How to Combat Dry Skin as the Weather Changes

 How to Combat Dry Skin as the Weather Changes

As fall slowly gets colder and then changes into winter, the air tends to get drier. Seasonal changes can affect your skin, and it’s important to adapt your habits and routines to make sure your skin (which is your body’s largest organ!) stays in the best shape possible. 

From professional spa treatments to home products to skincare routines, there are many ways to combat dry skin and keep it soft, moisturized and glowing. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Invest in a Humidifier

While you can’t control the climate or moisture in the air outside, you can control it in your house. Use a humidifier in the main living space of your home and in your bedroom while you sleep. The added moisture in the air will help your skin not dry out as quickly. They also have several other benefits including helping prevent influenza, reducing snoring and reducing asthma and allergy symptoms, according to Medical News Today.

  1. Try a Dermaplaning Facial

Head to the spa! A dermaplaning facial, performed by a professional aesthetician, removes the top layer of dead skin from your face. The procedure uses a small scalpel and, in addition to gently scraping the skin off, it also removes all the peach fuzz and hairs from the skin. According to Cosmopolitan, dermaplaning also helps products (like moisturizer or oils) to absorb into the skin better.

dermaplaning facial infographic

  1. Moisturize

So it may seem obvious, but moisturizing is essential to combat dry skin. Use a moisturizer both in the morning before applying makeup and at night before going to sleep. If your moisturizer doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, a serum or face oil can provide more intense moisture on top of a typical cream. Use these additional products only in the evening.

real housewife of dallas leeanne with raw beauty minerals facial serum

  1. Use Liquid Makeup Products

If you usually use a powder foundation, winter may be the time to transition to a liquid foundation. If your skin is dry, powder sets in the cracks and creates lines rather than a smooth, moisturized appearance. You can still achieve “light” coverage with liquid if you apply it with a beauty blender. Just make sure to wash your face well each night to take off all of the product and cleanse your pores!

natural and vegan liquid foundation 100 percent pure foundation raw beauty minerals

Keeping your skin moisturized also helps to prevent wrinkles and lines down the road — a win for now and the future! You’ll never regret taking care of your skin.

  • Nov 12, 2019
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