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How to Create Floral-Inspired Makeup Looks

 How to Create Floral-Inspired Makeup Looks

Nothing says spring like blooming buds and floral patterns. The colors of full bouquets and greenery garlands are warm, inviting and ultra feminine. 

But florals don’t just have to be contained to patterns in your dresses and tops. Take your floral inspiration to a more abstract level and try creating floral-inspired makeup looks to bring in spring in style.

There’s no one way to translate florals into your makeup. In fact, there are countless ways to take your favorite florals and make them a makeup reality.

girl with flowers

Whether you’re inspired by the bouquet on your kitchen table or the rose bush outside your front door, here’s how you can create floral-inspired makeup looks.

  1. Emulate Soft Lines

Florals are full of soft curves of petals and leaves and silky textures of delicate buds. Avoid harsh lines in your makeup and use soft curves and smudged angles as you apply each element of your makeup. In your eyeliner, for example, use a soft brown pencil or apply shadow as liner rather than a defined liquid black liner. 

  1. Pick a Theme Color

Bouquets often come in a single color displayed in a variety of ways with different blooms and buds. Next time you’re at the grocery store, peruse the bouquets and look for colors that speak to you. A lovely blush bouquet or violet array could provide the theme color for your next look. This soft pink look by Refinery 29 emulates a delicate rose with some of the key products being a soft pink lip that doubles as your bush and a rosy eyeshadow.

  1. Think About Other Elements of Nature

In addition to the soft colors of the blooms themselves, you can also consider shades of brown and green to emulate the dirt, stems and leaves. A brown matte bronzer can bring warmth to a cooler makeup look. Green eyeshadow complements brown eyes without being too bright or bold.

  1. Tie it All Together

Once you’ve identified your floral inspiration and created a floral makeup look that you love, it’s important to pair it with accessories or other elements to really create a “wow” factor. Depending on the occasion, your jewelry, hair accessories and clothing can all play into the floral inspiration as well. A flower crown or other floral hair accents are an obvious nod to your inspiration, but are only appropriate in certain settings such as a festival or party. Dainty jewelry in a complementary color or floral shape can be a more subtle way to tie your overall look with your makeup.

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