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How to Introduce Your Daughter to Makeup

 How to Introduce Your Daughter to Makeup raw beauty minerals

In today’s day and age, it seems that girls are starting to use makeup and beauty products at an earlier age. With Instagram photos, Pinterest inspiration and YouTube tutorials at their fingertips, girls are diving into the world of makeup younger and younger.

Some parents set rules about what products they can use, while others have makeup reserved for special occasions. No matter where your daughter is at on the makeup spectrum, there are ways you can help her get her collection started — and doing so with natural, safe products is a must.

Here are some products and tips for helping your daughter get going!

  1. Offer Encouragement

The way your daughter wants to do her makeup may not be the way that you do your makeup. Offer compliments and notice when she tries something new! Realize that makeup can be a form of creative expression and try not to dampen that creative spirit. 

girls enjoying facials and each other

  1. Prioritize Skin Care

As girls go into their teenage years, it’s important they learn about caring for their skin. Remind your daughter to always take her makeup off before going to bed and to use gentle makeup remover products. These swipes are easy to use and eco-friendly. Make sure they use moisturizer as well — even if they have oily skin.

natural skincare is essential for healthy skin raw beauty minerals

  1. Help Her Choose Foundation

Some products, like eyeshadow and lipstick, are all about personal preference when it comes to color. There’s no wrong lip color, it’s just about what you love! With foundation, however, it’s important to help your daughter find a product that matches her skin tone to provide a great base for all other products. Start out by choosing from one of these nine shades.

natural liquid foundation in nine fabulous shades by raw beauty minerals 100 percent pure

  1. Try a Starter Set

A starter set can simplify how you shop for makeup the first time around. Getting a taste of a variety of different  products will help your daughter learn what she loves before dropping a ton of money. Check out these starter sets for a variety of options depending on if she’d like to try various lip colors, skin care samples or other products.

  1. Be Flexible

As your daughter grows and matures, so will her taste in makeup and style. While you may not have allowed her to wear a full face of makeup to school in junior high, make sure to reevaluate your rules and boundaries for her as she gets older. And remind her always that she is beautiful with or without makeup! 

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