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Makeup Beginner: Starting Out Strong

 makeup beginner tips and tricks to getting started right by raw beauty minerals

Makeup can be intimidating. It’s an art form, and art skills don’t always come easy to those who try their hand at the various forms.

If you’re a makeup beginner — maybe you’ve never tried it, or you’ve used the same few products since your preteen years — having the right tools and products is essential to putting your makeup journey on the route to success.

These suggestions make for great gifts for a middle or high school aged friend or daughter, a mom who’s in a makeup rut, or really anyone who is looking to learn more about makeup!

So, here are four tips for what a makeup beginner should keep in mind in order to start off on the right track. 

  1. Start with Your Base

Your skin is the canvas for all other makeup products and techniques, so it’s important to use a great foundation. According to InStyle, concealer goes hand in hand, helping to cover dark circles and blemishes. However, if you are young and don’t have any “concern” areas, you can probably do without concealer for at least a few years. In order to figure out what type of foundation suits your needs best, try a foundation starter kit, that way you can test powder and liquid products to see how they each work with your skin type.

natural makeup foundation starter set for raw beauty minerals

  1. Invest in Application Tools

Without the right tools, great products can look less than perfect on your face. Makeup artists generally use a variety of brushes to apply products, but each one has a different purpose. While you could use 11 or more in a single sitting (according to Cosmopolitan), it also depends on how many products you’ll be applying. Try this handy four-in-one brush to start out and then add to your collection as your skills advance.

makeup beginner applicator tools four-in-one design for easy makeup application raw beauty minerals

  1. Try a Variety

You won’t know what you love until you try it! Colors, matte versus glossy and even types of products are all up to personal preference. Professionals can help you choose shades or tones that are flattering, but it’s up to you to decide what suits you. This custom-curated surprise sample kit is a perfect way to dive in without committing to any single makeup product. You just don’t know until you try!

makeup beginner sample pack for starters by raw beauty minerals

  1. Learn from Beauty Gurus

The internet is a treasure trove of makeup information. From Instagram to Pinterest to YouTube, makeup companies and influencers are constantly sharing their own tips, tricks and favorite products. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Find individuals who have a similar style to your own to imitate, and eventually you’ll be comfortable creating your own looks and styles.

  • Aug 21, 2019
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