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Makeup Tips for Your Face Shape

 Makeup Tips for Your Face Shape

Finding a makeup style and technique that flatters your face is a process of trial and error. The way you contour, the colors you use, and how you highlight your features can make a big difference in your look.

The first step to mastering a makeup application that flatters you is to figure out your face shape. There are five main face shapes: round, square, heart, oval and diamond. This Cosmopolitan article outlines each shape. You may be able to just look in the mirror and quickly identify which face shape you have. 

But, if your face shape is less defined, you can take a few quick measurements to figure it out. Measure your forehead width, cheekbone width, jawline width and face length and match those measurements to the corresponding shape.

Once you’ve nailed down your face shape, you can consider different techniques that are flattering. Take a look at these tips for each shape:

Contouring is important for a round face shape. According to Byrdie, you should contour the entire outer parameter of your face and under your cheekbones. Contouring can give the appearance of more angles and definition on a round face.

For an oval face, the contouring is similar to a round face. According to Huda Beauty, you can use the classic “3” contour on each side of your face. This means you start near the temple, and go in under the cheekbone and then outside of the upper jaw.

Drawing attention to the bottom of your heart-shaped face rather than the top is the key to balancing this shape. Focus on plumping and emphasizing your lips rather than your eyes since the bottom of your face is smaller than the top.

A diamond face shape is less common and more angular. A diamond face can appear disproportionate if your contour is placed incorrectly. According to StyleCraze, you should “contour the peak of the forehead, the tip of the chin and underside of the cheekbone,” which can have a slimming effect on your face.

A square face needs to be softened as it’s already naturally angular. Blush can soften your cheekbones. When contouring your jaw line, Byrdie recommends using a soft, fluffy brush and blending the contour upward to create a softer line.

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