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“No Makeup” Makeup: How to Achieve a Natural Look

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An effortless, natural makeup look can take a lot more effort than you might think. In reality a “no makeup” look requires a good amount of makeup.

From the dewy, flawless skin to the bright eyes and rosy cheeks, your natural look can use a variety of products. And once you have it mastered, it’s great for your everyday makeup — whether you’re heading out to brunch with the girls or heading into work. 

The first step in creating a perfectly natural makeup look is figuring out how you define “natural.” There’s a spectrum of matte to dewy and bare lashes to fluttery dark. Picking out tones that appear natural on your skin and with your coloring will help you to achieve a truly natural-looking makeup routine.

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Ready to get started? Here are several tips for achieving the perfect “no makeup” makeup.

  1. Get Your Foundation Professionally Matched

If your foundation doesn’t perfectly match your skintone, there’s no chance your makeup will look natural. Whether you choose to use a powder, cream or liquid it’s essential that you find a shade that blends without any hint of a line. If you are ordering online and can’t get your foundation matched at a makeup counter, order small samples of the shades you think are closest to your skin tone and try them out. 

  1. Try a Cream Blush

If you wear cream or liquid foundation, a cream blush can blend more naturally than a powder blush. Use your fingers or a sponge to blend it into your cheekbones and choose a shade that looks like the color of your naturally rosy cheeks. 

  1. Don’t Clump Your Mascara

There’s nothing natural looking about clumpy lashes. Keep your mascara smooth and simple for a top notch look. If you have lighter hair, use a brown mascara instead of black for less of a dramatic effect. If you have trouble with your mascara clumping wash out an old mascara wand and run it through your lashes to separate them before the mascara dries. 

  1. Use Clear Gel On Your Brows

Avoid going overboard on your brows when you’re going for a natural look. Rather than filling them in with a colored pencil or gel, use clear brow gel to simply hold them in place. This will help you look put together without looking overly done up.

  • May 14, 2020
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