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Powder Foundation and the Pros & Cons of using


mineral powder foundation and liquid foundation

The makeup aisle of a store can be the most overwhelming section for someone who still isn’t sure which products work best on their skin. One of the most important beauty products you have to choose is powder foundation.

Finding the right powder foundation is like picking the right paint for your walls. Do you want a matte or glossy finish? Does the shade match? How should you apply it? Depending on your skin type, the answer to these question can vary greatly from person to person.

The first step is deciding between powder or liquid foundation. Take a look at these pros and cons of powder foundation to decide if it’s right for you.

powder foundation from raw beauty minerals

Pro: Powder foundation doesn’t clog your pores.
Since it’s lightweight and breathable, powder foundation can be a good option if your skin is prone to clogged pores and blackheads.

Con: Powder foundation can emphasize lines or wrinkles.
If you have fine lines you’re trying to soften and diminish, powder foundation can dry in those tiny crevices on your skin and emphasize rather than disguise those areas.

Pro: Powder foundation absorbs oil.
If you have oily skin, powder will help absorb the oils to eliminate shine and mattify your skin.

Con: Powder foundation doesn’t always provide full coverage.
Because powder foundation is more lightweight, the coverage is generally medium to sheer, not ideal for hiding dark blemishes or acne.

Pro: Powder foundation is easy to apply.
With liquid foundation, you have multiple choices for application tools: sponges, beauty blenders, brushes or even your fingers. With powder foundation, a simple kabuki brush is consistently a great choice.

When choosing a powder foundation, there are two main types to consider: mineral-based or talc-based. According to, talc-based powder foundation sits heavily on the skin, similar to a liquid foundation, while mineral foundations are “feather-light.”

Just like liquid foundation, powder foundation comes in a wide range of colors. It blends more easily into the skin than liquid foundation and is less likely to leave a line or noticeable color difference compared to your bare skin.

This vegan, mineral powder foundation comes in nine shades and is available in sample pods to help you determine which shade is the best match for your skin before ordering a full size jar. Make sure to moisturize and use concealer wherever necessary before applying the foundation in order to achieve the best results.

Article Written By: Alexis Crowe

  • Oct 10, 2018
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