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Spring 2020 Makeup Trends to Try

 Spring 2020 Makeup Trends to Try

Are you ready for spring? Tired of cold days and bare trees? Well, while the weather might not be changing quite yet, we’re already hopping on board with spring 2020 beauty and makeup trends. 

This season, it’s time to be bold and bright and say “see ya later” to the neutral colors in your makeup bag. According to Vogue, some of the key themes on the spring 2020 runways are “color and sparkle, individuality and sustainability.” We can get on board with that!

It can be hard to look at some of the extravagant and over-the-top runway and fashion magazine looks and tone them down to everyday. So we’ve taken a look at some of the top trends and how you can try them yourself. Ready to get on board with the new season? Here are our top spring 2020 makeup trends to try:

  1. An Imperfect Lid

Rather than blending and creating the perfect smokey eyeshadow, smudge your eyeshadow in a not-quite-symmetrical way with bold colors that aren’t quite blended together. According to Marie Claire, this is called an “organic” look. There’s no need for fancy brushes; instead, use your fingers to paint bright shades across the lid. Try two complementary colors on the bottom and top halves of your lid. This lavender and and pale yellow would be a perfect springy combination to try. 

  1. White Eyeliner

This one is pretty straightforward. White eyeliner has come and gone as a trend for decades — and this spring, it’s back. Using white eyeliner brightens your eyes and can make them appear larger. You can choose to use white eyeliner the same way you would apply your typical black or brown, or use it on just your waterline.

  1. Bold Red Lip

A red lip is timeless, but it’s not always trendy. This season, pair your bold red lip with bright spring colors — something you may not typically do. This rockin’ red gloss is a great way to implement bold red in your everyday look. Or, try this beautiful wine-shade of lip stain for a less shiny look. But, according to Marie Claire, you shouldn’t go all the way matte to stay in line with this spring trend. 

  1. Heavy Handed Blush

Go big with blush this season! Rosy cheeks are in. Remember that wine-shade of lip stain from number three? It doubles as a cheek stain! Use a cream (like this stain) as a base for your blush and, according to Ipsy, you can then layer on the powder for a full blush intensity. This brick red powder blush is a great staple.

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