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Makeup: A Step By Step for a Casual Day Outdoors

Makeup Guide: A Step By Step for a Casual Day Outdoors

Summertime means heat, sunshine and sweat — not always a great combination for makeup. The last thing you want is foundation melting off, eyeliner running, and a shiny face.

There’s a fine line between a healthy glow and an oily sheen, but using the right products can help you (and your makeup) survive the summer. One of the keys to an outdoor, summer look is going light rather than heavy with your products. 

And while a full-out glam look can still be fun in the summer, we’re tackling an everyday look perfect for the outdoors. So here are a few basic steps to follow to ensure your summer makeup is on point.

  1. Start With Sunscreen

It’s important to use a sunscreen or moisturizer that contains SPF to start your look. Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays, preventing sun spots, cancer and sunburn. Make it part of your regimen and you won’t regret it!

anti aging makeup primer for summer heat

  1. Use Primer

Primer helps your makeup to stay put — rather than melt off. This primer stick is not heavy, but provides something for your foundation to grip onto.

  1. Choose Powder Foundation

Plain and simple, liquid foundation is more likely to run and melt off in the summer heat. Using a powder foundation is a lighter, easy-to-apply option. Don’t go overboard with the product, though — you don’t want it to look cakey. When applied with a large, fluffy brush, the powder will go on smoothly and evenly.

  1. If Not, Use Finishing Powder

If powder foundation isn’t enough coverage for you, make sure to use a translucent finishing powder to hold your creme or liquid foundation in place. A mattifying option will help prevent excess shine.

makeup finishing powder for minimal makeup look

  1. Keep It Natural

Stick to a bit of brow gel and some mascara on your eyes and a dash of bronzer for sun-kissed cheeks. No need to use blush — you’ll likely have rosy cheeks already in the summer heat.

natural makeup look with raw beauty minerals

  1. Finish With Setting Spray

For extra hold, use setting spray. Think of it like hairspray for your makeup: it keeps everything in place once it’s looking just right. A good setting spray only requires a spritz or two to do its job well. Invest in a good bottle and you’ll be “set” all summer long.

Keep these six easy steps in mind and your makeup will be looking good all day long in the summer heat!

  • Aug 13, 2019
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