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Summer 2020 Color Trends to Incorporate Into Your Beauty Routine

 Summer 2020 Color Trends to Incorporate Into Your Beauty Routine

Each season brings a new color palette to the beauty world. You’ll see that array of colors flaunted on the runway, highlighted in magazines and donned by social media influencers.

The beauty of color is the seemingly endless variety of hues, tones and shades that you can choose from. A single color can be trending all year long, but look different each season. Maybe a dusty rose dominates winter while fuschia claims summer.

As you explore each season’s color palette, it’s fun to figure out how those tones compliment your complexion and how you can use them. Incorporating them into your wardrobe is always a fashion-forward move, but can become pricey when color trends change each season.

Incorporating the season’s colors into your makeup and beauty routine is a cost-effective, fun way to transition along with the trends. Here are some of the summer 2020 colors that we think would be incredible additions to your beauty routine:

Flame Scarlet
According to Who What Wear, this fiery red hue is “bold, bright, warm and energetic.” The perfect way to incorporate flame scarlet into your makeup? A bold, matte lip. A red lip is timeless and classic, and this bright shade screams summer! 

Coral Pink
This soft pink has a big of an orange undertone and is delightfully feminine and inviting. According to Who What Wear, coral pink is perfect for both day and night. Try weaving this shade into your beauty routine with a swipe of blush. This option is a perfect for summer. 

We’re taking it back to basics with the most neutral color of all. White is bright and versatile and looks good on everyone. A shimmery white highlight can give you a summer glow and is a subtle way to incorporate this neutral tone into your makeup.

Biscay Green
A unique color, biscay green is a soft, minty, seafoam green. It’s not overwhelmingly bright or bold but catches your attention with its beauty. According to CR Fashion, the color is named after a bay in Spain. This eyeshadow is a perfect way to use the color, especially for those with brown eyes. 

An earthy, medium-toned green, Pantone calls chive “savory” and “herbal.” It’s not a color you might typically see in a makeup palette, but when used sparingly can be a beautiful accent. This green shade of eyeshadow would pair nicely with a nude lip and rosy blush.

Cinnamon Stick
Another option for lip color is cinnamon stick, a burnt orange hue that compliments darker skin tones beautifully. The color has brown undertones and the orange is muted, making it bold but not over the top.

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