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Ultimate Skincare Gift Guide

ultimate skincare gift guide for hard to shop for gift natural beauty

Skincare is a great way to practice self care. It’s relaxing, holds countless health benefits and is even fun try with friends! (Face mask party, anyone?)

And, it’s pretty safe to assume that everyone could use a skincare product or two. Even if they’re not beauty gurus, the women in your life likely feel more confident in their own skin when it’s well cared for — whether that be through using a great moisturizer, making an appointment for a facial at the spa or even investing in a serum that becomes part of a daily routine.

Ultimate Skincare Gift Guide self care spa day at home with raw beauty minerals natural skincare products

All that’s to say: skincare products make great gifts! Think any occasion from Mother’s Day to Christmas to a back-to-school teacher gift. And, the scale of the gift can range from a single product to an entire kit, meaning the price range can work for any budget.

So what should you consider when preparing a skincare gift? According to Best Health Magazine, lotion, hand cream and shower gel are all super safe choices if you’re gifting to someone you don’t know very well. 

However, with a close friend or family member, it’s nice to take your gift to a more personalized level. According to Birchbox, quality skincare products really are a treat to most people, making them great presents, since they aren’t necessarily something the recipient would splurge on themselves. 

Ultimate Skincare Gift Guide all natural ingredients vegan skincare collection 100 percent pure

Start by thinking about the person’s age. Are they working to prevent acne in their teen years or hoping to stop an onslaught of wrinkles as they age? 

No matter what you decide to gift, giving a smaller size tube or jar of the product can be smart, just in case it doesn’t end up working well with their skin. A mini collection of products gives the recipient options on how to mix and match what they use each day or week. And, it can include products that may not seem as exciting (such as a basic yet essential facial moisturizer) to round out other fun items (like a scrub or face mask).

When you’re gifting skincare products, you also have the opportunity to package them up in a fun and unique way, rather than your typical gift bag. Make the packaging part of the gift by choosing a fun makeup pouch and tying a pretty bow around it as the wrapping. 

Ultimate Skincare Gift Guide gifting made easy with natural and vegan skincare collection by raw beauty minerals

So who’s on your gift list in the coming months? Think they could use some fun skincare products? If you have a product you love, chances are they may love it just as much. Help your friends and family pamper themselves with a fun skincare bundle next time a special occasion rolls around! You may just become their new favorite gift giver.

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