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When It’s Time Replace Your Beauty Products

 When It’s Time Replace Your Beauty Products

Did you know that makeup and beauty products expire? That’s right — just like you wouldn’t drink expired milk, you also shouldn’t be applying and using expired products.

However, most makeup products aren’t labeled with an expiration date. It’s easy to check your carton of eggs for that date stamp and know when to throw them out. But your mascara tube doesn’t make it quite so easy.

While there isn’t a date stamped on, there are other ways you can tell when it’s time to say farewell to old makeup and beauty products. Just like you can see mold on bread or smell that your milk has gone bad, you can take a critical look at your products to see if they’ve passed their unofficial expiration date.

Here are a few ways to know when it’s time to get rid of the old and replace with new:

The Consistency Has Changed
If your creamy product is clumpy or watery, it’s a good indicator that you should probably toss it. According to Bustle, if your makeup is applying unevenly, it’s a sign that it is drying out and should be replaced. You know how your makeup should look and feel, so you’re the best judge of when it’s time to throw it out.

If your beauty product is separating in the bottle, it may be time to say goodbye. A clear bottle is helpful when looking for separation, as you can see if there are two layers of product that have “unmixed” themselves. However, if you don’t have a clear bottle, the separation will usually be evident when you pour or pump out the product if it seems runny. When in doubt, just take the lid off and check it out.

Just like old food, old makeup can take on a strange smell. According to Elite Daily, “if a product has otherwise developed a gasoline- or vinegar-like smell” it means it has expired. Smelly products can irritate your skin and no one wants to walk around with a stinky face.

While time will take a toll on your beauty products, there are a couple ways to elongate the life of your makeup:

Use Clean Tools
Cleaning your brushes frequently can prevent bacteria growth in your makeup products.

Store Products in a Cool, Dry Spot
Keeping your products tightly sealed in a cool spot (even the fridge) can prolong their life. According to Marie Claire, “Cooler temperatures are known to extend shelf life, while hotter temperatures accelerate the degradation and lifespan of skincare products.”

  • Aug 31, 2020
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