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Why Wear Makeup? 4 Reasons to Give It a Try

Why Wear Makeup? 4 Reasons to Give It a Try 

Even if you’re not a girly girl or someone who typically enjoys getting dolled up, makeup is worth a try. Whether you want to go all out or just use a hint of concealer, there’s somewhere on the makeup spectrum just for you.

And trying makeup doesn’t mean it needs to be part of your daily routine. Even using it for special occasions or learning at home for your own enjoyment are great options.

Still not convinced you should give makeup a go? Here are four reasons to give it a try.


  1. It’s an Art Form

Makeup is a fun way to express yourself. From pops of bold color to variations of eyeliner and contouring, there are endless ways to use makeup. Feel free to experiment and wear it in ways that you love — even if it’s not the typical way you may see others wearing makeup. 

orange makeup is on trend, girl with orange eyeshadow
  1. It Can Boost Your Confidence

While it’s important to be confident in your own skin, there’s no harm in boosting that confidence with a bit of makeup. If, for example, you have frequent breakouts or dark under eye circles, concealer can be your new best friend. Or, if you love your eyes, highlighting them with mascara and a complimentary shadow color can make you feel even better about that favorite facial feature

  1. It Can Help Your Skin

By choosing products that are clean, natural and good for your skin, using makeup can be a way you care for your skin. Everyone’s skin can react differently to different products, so it’s good to experiment and see what works best for you. This BB cream liquid foundation is extra hydrating and helps to balance your skin and this primer contains hyaluronic acid, which, according to, can help your skin look and feel more supple. Choose your makeup products carefully and they’ll help rather than hurt your skin health!

comparing skin using natural ingredients versus chemically produced products
  1. It’s Fun!

Plain and simple, using makeup is fun! The amount of YouTube tutorials, Instagram photos and Pinterest posts about makeup is endless, so learning how to do your makeup in a way that you love won’t be hard. Just remember: doing your makeup is something just for you! It’s all about your confidence and your enjoyment of the art. So — what are you waiting for? Go try some new makeup!

  • Jul 18, 2019
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